Why and what to write on blog


  • Keeping tracks and archiving my continuous learning (knowledge, thoughts, techniques, ideas, researches etc.)
  • Guiding myself to improve my professional skills and knowledge with latest/upgraded technologies
  • Making transparent of level of my technical capabilities (i.e. stopping people to misjudge me by overestimating my novice skills and capabilities)
  • Making the path easy to be an entrepreneur (establishing a high value company)


Policies that I try to follow in writing my blog-post and comments.

Things I try to do:

  • I try to choose only those topics that I i) like, ii) learned, iii) need to learn and iv) have realized something that might help others.
  • Accept and respect others opinions even if it’s bitter.
  • Focus on performance rather than hype or popularity
  • Continuous looping on (Measure -> Analyze -> Change) = Continuous improvement

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