About me

I am Md. Arshad Hossain, working at Aprosoft as Sr. Software Engineer located at Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am having my Master Degree in Software Engineering from Independent University, Bangladesh. I started my programming and engineering career about 7+ years ago after completing my B.Sc. degree in CSE in 2004 from The People’s University of Bangladesh.
I believe that there are 3 key basics that a good professional must have – 1: Good human being (which includes honesty, dedication, commitment and respect to others’ opinion); 2: Effective communication (Good listener, clear and transparent) and 3: Technical knowledge (specially analytical ability). I am continuously trying to improve these basics within myself.
MIT professor, Michael Hammer, claimed – “The major challenge for managers is to obliterate non-value adding work, rather than using technology for automating it” – I absolutely agree. So, before doing anything blindly I try to do some Process Improvement activities specially on my own continuous work processes.
If I have to say about my professional life I would like to say –
  • I am a dedicated learner having over 7+ years of experience with the capabilities of merging innovative ideas and technologies.
  • I have capability to define, identify and improve the software development underlying processes to help organizations as well as individuals to improve performance.
  • have wide enough experiences (about 3 years) of cloud application development, specially on Salesforce.com using APEX, Visualforce and other latest and advanced tools from Force.com.
  • Good enough familiar in developing on-demand SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) based application.
  • Knowledge of e-commerce, client-server, distributed systems and MVC (model view controller) framework.
  • Hand on experience on Systems/Business Analysis using Use-Cases, ability to specify business requirements and translating requirements into highly specified design components
  • Well understanding of Software Development Lifecycle Standards / CMMI / Product quality reviews.
  • Long and extensive experience (since 2005) on developing PHP/MySQL based applications, focusing on critical security issues, performance, optimization and standards.
  • In depth knowledge in JavaScript, advanced JavaScript framework like EXTJS 2, 3 and 4, jQuery and Prototypejs.
  • Expertise in creating AJAX based web applications with interactive user interface using HTML DOM programming, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Good enough in creating stored procedures, triggers, functions and optimizing queries for performance by looking at Execution plan using MySQL and MS-SQL Server.
  • Familiar with developing application for latest mobiles and related devices (like TAB) using google’s Android technology.

Business areas that I worked throughout my career – Accounting, Human Resource Management (HRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Point-Of-Sales (POS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

* I have spent most of my development career on – JavaScript-ExtJS, PHP-CakePHP, Cloud-Salesforce, SQL-MySQL.

* In my early career life I worked in Visual Basic 6.0, C#.Net, SQL Server, Crystal Report.

* Sometimes I also enjoyed to work on UI design using Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Flash animation.


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