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{JavaScript} Things that may stuck and irritate you

Is there any web site or web based application which does not use JavaScript? May be yes but how often? In the other word, is there any developer who works in website or web application development (using PHP/C#.Net/ASP/JSP or any language), but need not to deal with JavaScript?

If somehow you are related to internet you have to deal with JavaScript. But, arguably JavaScript is one of the most unfriendly and sometimes annoying language to work because of its debugging (specially before Firebug) and cross browser compatibility.

In this post, I will try to include JavaScript related those issues which I faced and felt as little bit critical. I am sure, most novice JavaScript developers like me have to spent lots of time to find and solve these type of issues.

This is the summary post of the those issues, I will explain and elaborate each issue with example withing my following posts.

So, here is the list of those issues that I feel, may stuck and irritate you sometimes:

  1. Object Type Variable Assignment 
  2. Ajax Caching Problem 
  3. Sequence of event firing
  4. Variable/Object scope and overriding
  5. Multiple elements with same ID
  6. Script injection in your page
  7. Dynamic page sizing
  8. Ajax request and JavaScript loading from other domain
  9. Browser dependability
  10. JavaScript disable in user browser

P:S: I will be updating this list whenever I get stuck with something.

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